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Praman Sharir & Congenital Deformities

Praman Sharir & Congenital Deformities

£ 14.00

Author(s):Dr. Uday Bhikanrao Bhoir
Publication Year:2021
Binding:Paper Back


This book "Praman Sharir & Congenital deformities", over all gives an idea about the Physical & mental strength of an individual with congenital deformity and its relation with anthropometry.
Even research scholars also get the statistical data for the research related with Praman sharir, Ayam –Vistara and Anthropometry.
By examining an Ayam and Vistara, we can get idea about Mansikbala (Mental strength) of an individual which will help to select such personalities for different intellectual competitions.
Even the physical deformity individuals can also get the good opportunities for the different key post related with intellectual work or intellectual competitions