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Wonders of Fruit Science

Wonders of Fruit Science

£ 22.00

Editor(s):Shubham Jain, Dr. Bhanu Pratap, Aditya Gaurha and Rahmat Gul Hassanzai
Publication Year:2023
Binding:Paper Back


The book "Wonders of Fruit Science" presents an extensive exploration across twenty chapters, delving into a variety of subjects. These chapters encompass a wide range of topics, including:

Overview of fruit production: Covering general concepts and the contemporary landscape of fruit production.

Classification of fruit crops: Discussing the categorization of various fruit crops.

Tropical zone fruit crops: Exploring fruit crops in tropical regions.

Humid zone tropical fruit crops: Investigating fruit crops in humid tropical areas.

Subtropical zone fruit crops: Examining fruit crops in subtropical regions.

Temperate zone fruit crops and nuts: Detailing fruit crops and nuts in temperate climates.

Arid and semi-arid zone fruit crops: Analyzing fruit crops in arid and semi-arid environments.

Notable fruit scientists: Highlighting prominent figures in fruit science.

Major diseases of fruit crops: Addressing significant diseases affecting fruit crops.

Effects of stress on physiology and development: Exploring the impact of stress on plant growth and development.

Environmental effects on growth and development of fruit crops: Considering the influence of the environment on fruit crops.

Total quality management in major fruit crops: Discussing quality management techniques for fruit production.

Fruit set and crop load assimilate partitioning and distribution: Investigating factors related to fruit set and distribution of nutrients.

Metabolic and morphogenetic effects of plant growth promoters and growth retardants: Examining the effects of growth regulators on plant metabolism and development.

Flower drop and thinning: Delving into flower drop phenomena and methods of thinning.

Storage and ripening techniques: Exploring strategies for fruit storage and ripening.

Quality fruit production under a protected environment: Discussing methods for achieving high-quality fruit production in protected environments.

Methods and techniques for evaluation of macro and micronutrient requirements: Addressing approaches to assess nutrient needs.

Micrografting and genetic fidelity testing: Detailing micrografting techniques and genetic fidelity assessment.

Rejuvenation and replanting: Exploring methods to rejuvenate plants and manage replanting.

Designed for clarity and succinctness, the book provides accessible insights into the realm of Fruit Science. Tailored for undergraduate and postgraduate students in Fruit Science and Horticulture, it is also valuable for those preparing for examinations such as ICAR, ARS, NET, and various service exams. This resource serves as an indispensable guide for building a strong foundation in the field of fruit crop management.