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Modern Research and Applications in Mathematical Sciences

Modern Research and Applications in Mathematical Sciences

£ 10.00

Author(s):Dr. Rajesh Kumar Pal and Dr. Deependra Nigam
Publication Year:2022
Binding:Paper Back


The objective of the book has been planned to manifest the recent trends and developments in the research of mathematical sciences viz. Mathematics, computer science, statistics, Geophysics, Geoinformatics, physical sciences etc. and also focus on exhaustive application of mathematical tools in various disciplines. The work is supposed to create interest and understanding of research concept and application useful in different dimensions and encourage the academicians of mathematical sciences to cope with the emerging challenges in their fields with knowledge and application of advanced mathematical tools.

The inter relation between mathematical sciences and allied sciences play a important role in almost all areas of research and its proper use for decision making and analysis with data evidences. The newly developed techniques and methods with application included in the chapters are mathematical modeling, Geophysics, Fourier Optics, Geo-Magnetism, applied numerical methods, RFID Technology, Tensors, Operators, Graph Theory and advances in Soft computing which are the emerging fields of modern research.

We are quite hopeful that this book will be quite useful for research scholars in advance mathematics and it will submit a comprehensive remark in the society of mathematical research.